Although CYA Conference is privately run, it could never happen without the donation of time by volunteers with the same interest as CYA Conference.

From volunteer judges to drivers, note takers, 'minders' for Hatchlings, administrators and sometimes even buyers, we have a job for everyone who wants to help make CYA Conference happen, and continue to help provide the opportunities for authors and illustrators within Australia to not only gain professional development tailored to them, but to have the opportunity to network with industry professionals who can help on the road to publication, and beyond!

CYA is always looking for people to volunteer their time to help with CYA Conference.

If you have that special quality and wish to volunteer your time we’d love to have you join the CYA team

Volunteer on the Day

2018 Conference Volunteers for on the day IS NOW CLOSED: Volunteer on the day and you do not pay for the conference; however, you may be required to miss part of workshops, and in some cases, YOU COULD miss whole sessions doing duties needed by CYA Conference.

9th March 2018 Note: Names for CYA Volunteering On The Day are now closed. Thank you to the community for the overwhelming response. This will open again next year for the 2019 conference. 

Volunteer as a Competition Judge


Note: Compensation to volunteers in lieu of payment for time:

Reduced fees for the Conference: 

To compensate competition judges, CYA Conference offers a discount of 1.31% per entry judged to a maximum of 65.5% of the conference cost. The code to book at the reduced price will be allocated to you once your judging has been completed. 

A lot more complicated than previous years but we feel it's fairer for those people who judge large numbers of entries. 

 Example discount:

30th March 2018 Note: Names for CYA Volunteering as a competition judge are now closed through the judging system as we gear up for the close of the competition on the 4th April. Thank you to the community for putting up your hands. 

This will open again next year for the 2019 competition season at the same time that the competion opens.

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