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Leonie Tyle


Leonie Tyle joined Random House Australia on 10 December 2007 to set up Woolshed Press, a new imprint, to compliment RHA’s existing children’s publishing.

Leonie Tyle has been associated with children’s books for over 25 years as a librarian, reviewer, speaker and publisher. With Robyn Sheahan Bright and Robyn Collins she founded Jam Roll Press, which merged with the University of Queensland Press in the mid 1990s. For thirteen years she was Children’s & Young Adult Publisher responsible for UQP’s children’s and young adult list publishing approximately sixteen books a year from picture books to young adult fiction and nonfiction. She is now establishing a new imprint for Random House Australia based out of Brisbane. The Woolshed Press will publish works which are exceptional for their creativity, literary merit and child appeal including six books in 2008 and twelve books per annum after that. 

Leonie has worked with many of Australia’s finest authors and illustrators including Catherine Bateson, Steven Herrick, James Moloney, Brian Caswell, Kim Toft, James Roy, Anthony Eaton, Bill Condon, Samuel Wagan Watson, Pat Flynn, Johnny and Stella Danalis, Celeste Walters and Doris Pilkington Garimara. She has a passion for literature and believes in encouraging and providing an environment for her authors and illustrators to produce their most imaginative and creative work.

She is regularly invited to present at the major children’s literature festivals and conferences such as CBCA Conference, SCBWI Conference, Brisbane Writers Festival and Somerset Celebration of Literature. She is guest lecturer in creative writing at Queensland University of Technology and University of Queensland. Leonie is also regularly asked to be examiner for PhD and Masters of Creative Writing students.

Leonie lives a big life with her family in Brisbane.

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