Mark Guthrie

Mark Guthrie

Mark has worked as a graphic artist, cartoonist and freelance illustrator in both the U.K. and Australia. 

In the U.K. he worked with ITV Channel 4.  As an Assistant Animator with Walt Disney Animation Australia, his film credits include 'An Extremely Goofy Movie', 'The Little Mermaid 2', 'Lady and the Tramp 2', 'Peter Pan - Return to Neverland'. Jungle Book 2, Lion King 3 and The Three Mousketeers. Mark returned to Brisbane in April 03 and is again working as a freelance illustrator.

He is a long-suffering Richmond (Australian Rules Football) supporter,  and says he was fed a diet of Asterix and Tintin books in between cow milkings in his youth.

Mark is married to a Copenhagener with 3 small Aussie-Danes, Alex, Isabella and Jamie, and lives in sunny Brisbane.

T.H. (the sign-off on his cartoons) stands for Tackhead. 

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