Competitions 2009

Thank you to the following first round judges for all their hard work and time spent on the entries: 

Rebecca Timmis, Claire Saxby, Ally Howard, Dee White, Jennifer Barrett, Rowena Cory Daniells, Ali Ashley, Natalie Hatch, Allison Rushby, Diane Curran, Tina Marie Clark, Mardi Sands, Marian Kuhn and Pam Rushby.

A huge thank you to both Anita Bell and Paul Collins for the texts used for this competition.

Thank you to the following final judges:-

Tegan Morrison - Children’s Publisher Hachette  Australia - Picture books, Preschool and Primary, Chapter Books.

Leonie Tyle - Woolshed Press, Random House Australia - Young Adult.

Paul Collins - Publisher, Ford Street Publishing - Graphic Novels & Picture books and Illustrations, and Published Authors.

David Reiter, (Director) Treetop Studios - Non - Fiction Picture books. 

            Please note that these are the JUDGES of the final placings of the competition, but the short lists are seen/read by more than one publisher. 

CYA 2009 Results 

Per Category in Story PLACE Order:

To view results of each category please press the relevant link:

Category 1 - Picture Books Preschool

Category 2 - Picture Books Primary School

Category 3 - Chapter Books

Category 4 - Young Adult Books

Category 5 - Graphic Novels & Illustrated Picture Books

Category 6 - Illustrations 

Category 7 - Picture Books Primary School - Non Fiction

Category 8 - Published Authors

To view the 2009 Graphic Novels & 

illustrated Picture Books Art Works

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