2010 Competition

Congratulations everyone who had the courage to enter the CYA Competition. Getting your work out there, in front of a judge is hard, so just by entering you have achieved something - well done!

Unfortunately we can’t all be winners and this competition is about getting your work fast-tracked in front of an editor. This is the list of winners below.

Remember, you might not have made this winners list, but you still receive your feedback sheets (emailed back to you before end of October 2010) and remember to continue to write write write and draw draw draw! Full lists of placings go up on the web site as soon after conference as we can get them there...

Please note that these are the JUDGES of the final placings of the competition, but the shortlists are seen/read by more than one publisher.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the judges who volunteered their time to judge the CYA Competition, Rebecca Timmis, Ally Howard, Heather Davies, Sandy Fassel, Dee White, Helen Ellis, Rowena Cory Daniels, Diana Curran, Tina Marie Clark, Allison Rushby, Keri Lane and Mardi Sands.  Without your help there would be no competition - thank you.

Note: No judge was allowed to judge in their own section, nor have access to the entries from that section.

A HUGE thank you to the final judges, Paul Collins, Ford Street Publishing, Leonie Tyle, Woolshed Press, Random House and Tegan Morrison, Hachette Australia.

 CYA 2010 Full Results Per Category in Story PLACE Order:

To view results of each category please press the relevant link:

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