Chris Morphew

Chris Morphew

Chris Morphew was born in Sydney in 1985. He spent his childhood drawing comic books and writing stories about dinosaurs and time machines.

After school, Chris did a short stint as a primary school teacher – definitely the second-best job in the world – and then started writing for kids and young adults. He continues to work as a casual teacher between writing commitments.

ARRIVAL, the first book in the PHOENIX FILES series, is Chris’s first novel for young adults. The remaining five titles in the series will be released in 2010-11.

Before starting on THE PHOENIX FILES, Chris was a close associate of the enigmatic H.I. Larry, author of the popular ZAC POWER series.

Chris is enthusiastic about working with children on their own stories. From brainstorming ideas to developing characters to creating mystery and suspense, Chris is happy to workshop any part of the writing process with kids in both primary and high school.

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