Claire Saxby

Claire Saxby

Words have fascinated me as long as I can remember. I have always loved reading. I used to go home from boarding school and read for days on end, only emerging to swim and eat.

It took me much longer to realise that I also loved writing. But I'm doing my best to make up for lost time. I mostly write stories for children although I also write poetry (for adults and for children) and non-fiction articles.

I was born in Victoria, Australia, lived in several other states and spent some time in Papua New Guinea. Where I live now is within cooee of the hospital where I was born.

I have been playing with words for many years, but began writing for children in 1998. I have worked at many jobs including waitressing, vote counting, mail sorting, podiatry, sheet ironing and towel folding. I have worked in hospitals and in community health. 

I like writing best.

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