Dave Hackett (Cartoon Dave)

Dave Hackett (Cartoon Dave)

Dave Hackett ( Cartoon Dave) is the kind of guy who likes to draw nine-headed chickens and people being attacked by toilets. He brought his NO-Rules brand of cartooning to TV screens each week for several years on Disney Channel, with his popular cartooning segment airing in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China.

He has had many other TV appearances, the latest being on Channel 7’s It’s academic - set to air soon! 

2010 marks Dave's 16th year of teaching cartooning. 

He has written five instructional cartooning books, including ‘Cartoon Dave’s NO_RULES CARTOONING’ (2005 CBCA Notable Book). He is also the author of the hilarious ‘UFO-Unavoidable Family Outing’ novel series. 

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