Ainsley Sheperd


Ainsley came on board with Child Writes in 2010, after connecting with Emma Mactaggart through  the 2010 CYA conference. "When I first heard about the Child Writes program, I immediately thought that the concept of teaching children to write and illustrate their own books was amazing and I wanted to see the program in every school in Australia!" Ainsley knew that the only way to do this was to commercialise, replicate and expand the program, and she shared her ideas with Emma. A partnership was thus born! They are now passionately pursuing this vision... and every now and then even getting to do some of their own writing!

Ainsley brings business development expertise to this partnership, yet she is also a writer. Previously, she was regularly published as a freelance business writer. This also included her time as a weekly business columnist for the Fraser Coast Chronicle, during 2003. After many evenings reading picture books to her children, Ainsley's love for the picture book genre was ignited and she completed the Create a Kids Book e-Course, with Dr Virginia Lowe.  Ainsley is a passionate writer of children's stories, including Slow Down, Sarah! (which is due to be published  within  the coming year). She is currently studying Professional Editing and Proofreading.  

Ainsley lives in the rural town of Gayndah, Queenslad, with her husband and their four young children. 

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