Julie Fison

Julie Fison

Julie Fison is the author of Hazard River, an exciting new series of adventure stories for primary school children, the inspiration for which began with a family holiday on the Noosa River. The emphasis in the series is on fun, adventure and action, and each story has an environmental theme, relaying important messages without lecturing. The first book in the series, Shark Frenzy was inspired by a serious fact: one hundred million sharks are slaughtered each year, mostly for their fins. The practice of shark finning, where the sharks' fins are cut off and the bodies are thrown back into the sea, is just one of the experiences the kids of Hazard River encounter in the series.

The first two stories in the series, Shark Frenzy! and Snake Surprise! were released in October, 2010 to be followed in March, 2011 by Bat Attack! and Tiger Terror!                         

Julie is a former television reporter and travel writer and has lived and worked in Australia, Asia and Europe. The Hazard River stories reflect the author's interest and passion in current affairs and for a great adventure story. Currently Brisbane based, Julie spends as much time as possible on the Noosa River, the inspiration for the Hazard River series.

Blog: http://juliefison.wordpress.com/author/juliefison/

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