Robyn Osborne

Robyn Osborne

I was born in Brisbane, but grew up on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.  As a child I was always surrounded by pets and quickly turned into an animal fanatic.  At 11, I made the connection between the cow and the steak and turned vegetarian. Apart from animals, my other great interests as a child were writing and reading.

Although my first publishing success came early (a poem in the high school magazine) 18 long years in the public service dampened my creative spark. Luckily I opted for a career change, began teaching (before succumbing to death by forms) and rediscovered my love of writing, particularly for children. 

In 2005 my junior novel D.O.G. was published (Macmillan) and 2010 saw the publication of Dog Logic, which was ‘written’ by my clever dog, Sox ‘The Philosophical Pooch’. He even has his own Facebook page

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