2013 Aspiring - Category 4A


 Chapter Books - Younger Readers Category

- 1000 Words

- 25 Entries

Final Judge: Suzanne O’Sullivan is the Commissioning Editor for Lothian Children’s Books, an imprint of Hachette Australia.

1st        Stella  Tarakson - Mike the Spike

2nd       Dimity  Powell - Marlee's Mozzie Madness

3rd       Rachel Bradbury - The Curse of the Shattered Sceptre

4 Case Of The Missing Mum

5 Maddie And The Cow Herd Hullaballoo.

6The Jitterbugs

7 Bully Me, Bully You

8 Christmas Up The Creek

9 Camping

10 The Discoveries Of An Ant Called Speckle

11 Ginnie And Jack-Jack And The Storm In A Teacup

12 Riley's Secret Recipe

13 Going To Helen's House

14 Snooze Park And The Runny Nose Tank

15 Robit The Robot Frog

16 The Adventures Of Lock And Gem

17 The Card Castle

18  Olivia And The Magic Moon Olive

19 The Shrike's Larder

20 The Lady And The Bees

21 Nelly And The Colour Catcher Fairies

22 Faylina The Fairy Book Fay

23 The Hair That Dared

24 Oodles Of Oodles - The Rescue Mission

25 The Red Kangaroo

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