2013 Published Category


2013 Published Author Category 

- Up to first 12500 words of A Novel, or up to three picture books

-  Entries

Final Judge: Kristina Schulz: Children’s Publisher at the University of Queensland Press (UQP)

Categories combined:  

1st            Teena Raffa-Mulligan – The Yesterday Dress, Solo Dan, New Shoes For Sam (Picture Book Entry)

2nd       Tania McCartney - Ella McZoo: Animal Whisperer (Novel Entry)

3rd       Michelle Worthington          All the Kings Horses, Look Out! There's a Dragon About! Banjo (Picture Book Entry)


Kaye Baillie - Sammy the River Dog, The Best of Friends, The Little Shop of Miracles (Picture Book Entry)

Rebecca Timmis - David and the Scavenger Prince(Novel Entry)

Sharon Norris - The Land Of The Free (Novel Entry)

Category 1: Picture Books - Primary and Preschool - Up to 3 picture books could be submitted in a pack.

500 Words - 9 entries

3rd Over all - Michelle Worthington

A. All The Kings Horses,B. Look Out! There's A Dragon About! 

C. Banjo  

HC Overall - Kaye Baillie

A. Sammy The River Dog, B. The Best Of Friends, C. The Little Shop Of Miracles 

1st  Overall -  - Teena Raffa-Mulligan

A. The Yesterday Dress, B. Solo Dan, C. New Shoes For Sam

4 - A. Hiss! Buzz! Snap!  B. It's Raining Cats And Dogs, C.   A Gumnut's Journey

5 A. Will, B. Princess! Where Are You?  C: Ninja! Where Are You?

6 A. Freya And The Scaredy Dog

7 A. Mary The Fairy  B. Walking With Baby

8 A. Smile  B. The Sugar Thief  C. Call Me Bruce

9 A. Today Is Different , B. Anzac , C. Circus Cows

Category 2 – YA Novels and Chapter Books: Up to 12,500 words and a one page synopsis could be submitted per entry:

12500 Words - 8 entries

2nd Overall - Ella McZoo: Animal Whisperer - Tania McCartney

HC Overall - The Land of the Free - Sharon Norris

HC Overall - David and the Scavenger Prince Rebecca Timmis

4 Duende

5 Prison Boy

6 The Code to Angie

7 Triangle of Guilt

8 What Peta Did

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