Category 6 & 7 - 2014


Aspiring: Graphic Novels, Illustrated picture books and Middle grade illustrated novels.(Illustrator’s own creations)

-   14 Entries

Final Judge: Karen Tayleur: Editorial Manager for The Five Mile Press

Special Note: Karen read all entries and viewed all artwork in the illustration sections.

Joint 1st       Matthew Davidson - The Monster Book

Joint 1st       Arun Pradhan - The Penkle Files

2nd      Christina Krebs - Super Samuel

3rd       Vair Buchanan - What will I see, when I’m a tree?

4     The Bad Tooth Fairy

5     The Big Old Rambutan Tree

6     Who Are You?

7     Elf Food for Children

8     Hopetown

9     Who Farted?

10    Atlas and The Space Between

11    Teddystein

12    Our Magical World Adventures

13    Spot the Iguana

14    Jellybean

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