Published  - 2014

Results - Published  

- Categories 1 & 2 combined

-  26 Entries

Final Judge: Sue Whiting: Publishing Manager for Walker Books Australia. 

1st      Kerri Lane - Rupert & the Whopper Stopper      

2nd     Michelle Royce - Washianista- Tales From The Spinout Cafe 

3rd      Caz Goodwin - Rose and Mrs Bottomley 

HC      Spider Lee - Alfie.  Seven Brothers

HC      Michelle Royce - Toby Speaks Out,  Too Many Zucchinis!  Tessa's House

HC      Janet Reid - Trouble for Zac

7     The Brindlewood Super-Hero

8     Annishka’s Tree

9     Ella Outsmarts the Bully  Harry Helps Pop Remember

10     Essie the Hen  Saffi’s Scrapbook

11     So You Want to Be a Kid  Don’t Plug Me In  When I Was Little

12     If Humans Had Tails…       Floordrobe       Princess Layer

13     Crocodile Crazy  The Princess Who Wanted Pink  Sunny’s Superpower

14     Control Your Elf  Don’t Upset Shakespeare  I Was Meant to be a Princess

15     Blossom  Bill and Doris

 16    Fathom Four and the Pirates of Penguin Island

17     Garden in the Sky

18     The Perfect Switch  Mean Green Trolls  Cuddlier than Crocodiles

19     Mud, Bears and Magic

20     A Winter Rose  If You Could be Anybody  The Mystery of Christmas

21     Funky Chicken: Chooks in Space  (Second book in the Funky Chicken series.)

22     The Stick-in-the-Hole Casserole / Stinky Socks

23     Gertie is a Grot  The Bogtrotter

24     Over In The Meadow  My Dad The Monster  Baby’s Gifts

25     Me and My Elephant  Don’t Be Grobbly, Darling 

26    Two Unlikely Aussie Kids

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