Aaron Pocock


Aaron Pocock was born in a large town in the south of England in 1970 and has been living in Brisbane since November 2000.

Art (particularly fantasy art), has been a lifelong passion which eventually became a day job in 2007, (having freelanced semi-professionally since 1991). Aaron has never looked back. 

In 2011, Aaron was chosen to illustrate the Australia Post commemorative stamp set 'Mythical Creatures' for Australia's 'Children's Book Week', a career highlight to date. The set was also produced in a 3D capacity (a first for Australia).

Aaron has illustrated (and continues to illustrate) children’s books, book covers, CD sleeves, Packaging art, and (almost) anything else he's required to do (no portraits, I'm afraid...)  

Aaron also works in a fine art capacity as often as time allows, and is available for commissioned work.

You can visit Aaron on his web site: www.aaronpocock.weebly.com

or his blog on:  www.aaronpocock.wordpress.com

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