Stella Tarakson



Stella Tarakson entered working life armed with a law degree and a burning desire to write. It didn’t take long for passion to prevail and the sensible job was left behind — and she’s so glad! She’s had 30-ish non-fiction books published, mostly for children and young adults.

Even so, the urge to write fiction has always been simmering away in the background. Now she’s leaving the steady comfort of non-fiction to work on fiction full-time. CYA awards have given her the courage to continue.

Her first junior novel Mike the Spike is being published by New Frontier as part of their Little Rockets series. It will be released in mid-2014. Stella has discovered that writing about nits is much more fun than writing about probate law. 

Stella lives in Sydney with her husband and two children. She runs regular workshops on Getting Published and Writing for Children and Young Adults. You can visit her at:

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