Category 3 - 2015 


Aspiring: Non Fiction Picture Books Primary School  ~ Category 3  

No Of Entries: 16

Final Judge: Suzanne O'Sullivan: Children’s Publisher at Lothian Children's Books, Hachette, Australia

Place                       Name of Entry

1st                           Jenny Baber  - The Lake Knows - The Mystery of Lake Eyre

2nd                         Rhian Williams  - ABC - Emergency

3rd                          Catherine Oehlman  - On Christmas Island

4                              Ship Wrecked

5                              Lyre And Pilot

6                              One Day

7                              I Am An 'Aspy'

8                              Family Trees

9                              Mixing It Up

10                           Simon Goes To Sea

11                           Beneath The Silver Light Of Moon

12                           The True Story Of The Man Behind The Legend Of Santa Claus 

13                           The Ghost Blood Of The Wild White Man

14                           The Phoenix Tree

15                           The Faeries Of Cottingley

16                           Coeur Sans Frontieres

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