Published Authors  - 2015


Published Authors - Picture Boooks, Chapter Books and Young Adult Novels.

No Of Entries: 28

Final Judge Editor: Karen TayleurEditorial Manager for The Five Mile Press Australia. There is only one winner taken from both sections in Published.)

Place    Name of Entry

1st         Deborah Kelly  - The Magic Map: Mongolian Adventure

2nd        Deborah Kelly  - 1. Big Red And Little Brown 2.  Treasure Box  3. Dugong Magic

3rd         Coral Vass Grandma’s Shoes

HC         Candice Lemon-Scott  - Clearwing

HC         Jess Black One Horse Town - Book 1 - Horse Rescue Series

HC         Evelyne Holingue  - 1. French Toast Ala Lulu  2. Giraffe Gets Style  3. Goodbye Max

7             Georgia Elizabeth, Katerina's Dream, Knit Knack

8             Bigger Digger, Just Like Dad, Paper Snowflakes

9             1234 Dirt And Mud And More, Bernie G Huckle's Momentous Occasion, That's Me Saying I Love You

10          The Open Gate, Where Does The Moon Go? Who Stole The Puddle

11          My Dad Drives The Fire Truck

12          No Cats Allowed, The Dream Sweeper, Too Sick For School

13          Fishy Fred's Fish'n'Chips, Goodbye Grandma, Nora Nighttime Noise Patroller

14          Bittersweet Life Of Lemon

15          Mr Knotby's Knitting, Poppy And The Cakewitch, The Time I Fed The Cat Next Door

16          Skylab And Mouse

17          Imagine, Try, Work

18          Best Concert Ever, Flying Lessons

19          My Dad's A Softie, Princess Layer, The Magic Christmas Tree

20          Gone Daddy Gone

21          A Dinosaur Called Neale, Lillypillys Misadventure, Velda

22          Stranger In Sam's Room

23          King Purrcy And The Royal Feast

24          Green Box, Yellow Bird

25          Eugene And Mr Bones

26          The Trilliun Tree

27          Little Trevor, One Day I Will, The Best Shopping

28          Dr Manoo's Vet Clinic 






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