Onsite: Rochelle Manners


Rochelle Manners is the publisher at independent company Wombat Books and Rhiza Press (opened in July 2015 for YA). We have been publishing for about 5 years and are growing in our list and authors. 

Rochelle is trained as a teacher, counsellor and has a Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing. Rochelle has run a number of imprints through Wombat Books, speaks at a range of conferences, and works as the publisher for both brands. 

Rochelle has also been an author in the educational market. She loves to work on family friendly books for all ages. She lives in Queensland with her family.

Rochelle will be looking at all aspects of children’s literature including picture books, illustration portfolio’s, middle grade and young adult. Wombat and Rhiza both print “family-friendly” books.

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