ART: 2017 Aspiring CAT 8 - Illustrations

With the kind permission of the artists that entered the competition, we show you the outstanding illustrations drawn not only by the winners of the 2017 CYA Conference Competition, but all the entries into the competition.

Thank you to all artists.

Please remember that this work is copyrighted, and should not be reproduced without their permission.

Other that the winning entries - these are in no particular order.

Illustration Criteria:

Option 1: Illustrate up to three (3) pages of the extract, written by T.M. Clark – Extracted from: Sam Treasure: Whales Garden (Chapter book aimed at 6 - 8 year’s age group).


Option 2: Illustrate up to three (3) pages of picture book written by T.M. Clark – Jabiru's Bush Dance. (Picture Book concept aimed at 3 – 6 years age group.) 

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