Prize for each section:

$100.00 per category, (1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20), and submission of short listed entries to at least one children’s publisher.

All Hatchling entries have historically gone in front of a professional editor but this is not guaranteed. 

ALL illustrations go in front of a professional editor.

IMPORTANTThere are no age barriers in this competition, and 8 year olds to 18 year olds are judged the same way. Publishing doesn’t discriminate with age so CYA Conference elects to judge to this trend.


The winning entry and short-listed finalist will be considered by a publisher of children’s books, with no guarantee of publication. Author/Illustrator retains copyright.

Entry Fee:

$13.60 (GST included) PayPal/credit card only. No cash or cheques.


1.    Picture Books – Text only for preschool or primary aged children up to 500 words in English. Open theme.

 2.    Chapter Book and Young adult novels - Text only for older primary aged children/Young Adult. First 1000 words in English. Open theme.

3.     Graphic Novel and Illustrated Picture Book or Middle Grade Illustrated Novel (words & illustrations): Fiction or non-fiction – any age group within CYA.

a)     Graphic Novel & Illustrated picture book: 3 pages of graphic novel or 3 pages of illustrated picture book, with up to 500 words on submitted pages. Words in English (Complete story to accompany - not judged.) Open theme.

b)     Middle Grade Illustrated Novel: 3 illustrations of middle grade novel, with the words present on the pages.  Words in English. (Complete story to accompany - not judged.) Open theme.

Download a PDF of all the Guidelines for Hatchlings 2017

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