Published Author



Part 1:  Suzanne O’Sullivan, Publisher for Lothian Children’s Books, Hachette Australia will critique the winning entry.

Part 2: Winner of:

            Section 1  – Writing (all writing combined into one section) and

            Section 2 – illustrations 

          will have a face-to-face/electronic communication (e.g. Skype) consultation for 15 minutes, at the CYA Conference on 1st July 2017 with the competition final judge who is attending/electronically communicating with the conference. 


The winning entries and short-listed finalist will be considered by a publisher of children’s books, with no guarantee of publication. Author/Illustrator retains copyright.

Entry Fee:

$38.30 PayPal/credit card only. No cash or cheques.


Open theme:

Section 1: Writing:

  • Up to 50 pages max -12 500 words (judged) and 1 page synopsis, (unjudged). OR
  • Picture Book Texts: Up to 3 picture book texts can be entered together as ONE entry. (No synopsis necessary for picture books)

Section 2: Illustrating:

  • Full DRAFT storyboard/layout/mock-up and two completed pictures from that same layout/mock-up.

 Download a PDF of all the Guidelines for Published 2017

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