Phil Kettle


Phil Kettle is a prolific children's author who specialises in encouraging reluctant readers. 

He found phenomenal success with his first series TOO COOL, which ran to 34 books. He followed up with BOYS RULE, GIRLZ ROCK, BILLY COOL, TOOCOOL and MARCY, and the I CAN BE sereis, each series more successful than the last. The underlying themes of his writing are individuality, freedom of thought and positivity.  

Phil credits his upbringing on a farm outside Mildura and lots of sport as a youngster for his own positive outlook. Phil is currently writing a series called OUR AUSTRALIA for Australian Geographic. 

He passionately believes that Australian kids need to learn about their country and Australian themes. Phil lives on the Gold Coast and Melbourne and travels extensively doing literacy workshops for school children.

Phil Kettle is one of the authors who have contributed time to the Books For PNG Project that CYA Conference supports.  

Judy Horacek, T.M. Clark. Claire Saxby and Phil Kettle - Popondetta, PNG August 2016

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You can find out more about Phil on his web site:

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