CYA Conference is in the fortunate position to enable us to help others in their plight to literacy and numeracy.

The Mother Africa Trust  - Zimbabwe, Africa

Mobile Library - Papua New Guinea 

Book Collections for both these projects:

We collect and accept donations of children’s and young adult books from 0 years upwards, preloved and new, fiction/non fiction/text books/anything, all book donations welcome! 

We are also collecting school supplies.

Please note that owing to the cost of transporting the books between capital cities, we can no longer accept collections in cities other than Brisbane, unless the donator is willing to pay the courier fees.  If you do have books in other cities, we do know of other organisations in some of those cities that would love to have them - please let us know and we will try and help you with them.

South East Qld Collections:

Tina Marie Clark

Tel: 07 3408 7885

Mobile: 0408 751 208


If you can contact us for donations of any children’s and YA books, preloved and new, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone for all your help in these projects. 

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