FAQ - Conference

About the CYA Conference Day:

Q: Are the Master-classes only for published writers or is it for all conference participants? 

A: This is for all participants. Published and aspiring. But book early, places are limited and on a first in first served basis.

Q: Are lunch and morning tea included in the price?

A: At this price it had better be!!! Yes, it is fully catered. 

Q: Are my email questions going to be answered on the FAQ page?

A:  We do try answer all questions personally, but we will take your questions and put them on the FAQ's too, to help anyone else who’s too shy to email in.

Q: Can I pitch to an editor /agent and not attend CYA Conference?

A: Yes. But preference is given to those actually attending first. It is done on a first come first serve basis. (First in Best Dressed basis.)

Q: I am gluten intolerant - will you cater for me?

A: Yes. Please tell us on your booking sheet of any allergies/intolerance’s and we will endeavour to do our best to cater for you.However if you have multiple needs, then we recommend you bring your own food and we will pop it in the fridge for you.

Q: I am a student via correspondent study. Does this qualify for the Student Discount?...I have a Student Card.

A:You get a concession price - remember to put your student number on the booking sheet. 

Q: Paying off Conference - Am I allowed to make a few successive payments over a few months for the sum total amount? 

A: You can make the progressive payment/payment plan this year with pleasure  - but it all needs to be settled before 30th June. 

Q: The Editor/Agent pitch Fee - is that for one assessment only?

A: Yes. One 15 minute pitch, and they pre-read your work and give you feedback.

Q: Must we nominate a preferred Editor /Agent to pitch to prior to the day ie: at the time of submitting Bio and manuscripts?

A:  Nominate when you book ASAP - the good/well known editors fill up fast, don’t leave it till later.

Q: Do we nominate now at time of registration the masterclasses or sessions we wish to attend or simply decide on the day? If the former, how does this fit in with the Pitch sessions?

A: You nominate you class on registration - and then you are given a time slot for your pitch. You just miss that 20 minutes of that class  - nothing we can do to make that not happen sorry. People just use their time given. 

Q:Where exactly is the conference?

A:  Southbank Institute of Technology (TAFE), 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane.

Q: Do you want to be a CYA Conference Volunteer for 2017? 

Please see the volunteers page - CYA is actively looking for people to volunteer their time to help with CYA Conference.

Or complete the : online volunteer form - click here.

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