Jake Harris

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Jake Harris is the CEO of Humble Sage Games, and a Game Developer/Writer and author. Currently the company is working on an epic fantasy role play game called Gates of Angaria.

Jake developed a deep interest in fantasy from a young age, and admits that he is currently living his dream. He always wanted to write an epic fantasy role play game, and was luckily enough, upon meeting some new friends, to be involved in starting Humble Sage Games, to work towards that end.

The vast majority of Jake’s time is spent writing and conceptualising ideas.

Jake’s  favourite game is Final Fantasy 7 and his favourite book is Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings both for nostalgic reasons.

Jake is also known as J.S. Harris and writes epic fantasy books.

You can find out more about HUmble Saga Games on their web site: humblesagagames.com


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