Pamela Rushby


Pamela was born in Queensland, Australia. She now lives in Brisbane with her husband, and six or seven (it’s hard to tell, they all look alike) free-loading scrub turkeys that peck at the back door for handouts.

As long as she can remember, she has been a reader. And ever since encountering, at the age of about six, a photograph of Enid Blyton, seated at her desk in an English country house, dogs at her feet, probably engaged on rattling out another Famous Five adventure, Pam decided that that was the life. She wanted to be a writer.

After taking the long way round of working as an advertising copywriter, a publicity officer and a pre-school teacher; studying ancient history, journalism and art history; and writing and producing for television. As technology changed she also wrote and produced multimedia before finally achieving her dream.

Along the way Pamela got married, had two children (both now grown up) and travelled whenever and wherever she could.

Pamela writes full time, and does her best thinking while swimming laps in the backyard pool.

You can find out more about Pam on her web site:

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